Drawing out your ideas on paper can be a helpful and fun way to begin conceptualizing your barndominium design! Even if you’re not a trained Architect, you can likely come up with some great floor plans, just from thinking about features you like, things you wish you had in your current home, grabbing ideas from Pinterest or other house plans, etc!

However, most folks eventually reach a point where they’re “stuck”, or where they’ve forgotten some critical details in their plans. And, that is totally understandable! It can still be very worthwhile to sketch a layout or exterior concepts for your home. Going through several iterations of your ideas can help you be prepared to work with an architect on formal plans, and helps you articulate what is important to you when it comes to the “flow”, amenities, and general aesthetic of your new home.

As designers, we actually LOVE it when clients come to us with hand drawings or preliminary layouts that they’ve created on an app. This can be extremely helpful in gaining an understanding of what is important to you, our client.

We look at hundreds and hundreds of client-drawn plans each year. Below you’ll find the top 5 “missteps” or “hangups” that we see when reviewing plans.

Are you drawing your own plans, or are you curious about what pitfalls to avoid when sketching out your home? We address all of these common missteps in detail, in an e-book we created specifically for folks like you!

Ready to take your plans to the next level?

We love working with clients to take their hand-drawn or “semi pro” plans and turn them into formal construction documents. CLICK HERE to get in touch with us and receive more information on working with Back Forty to bring your home to life!